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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Problems Problems

Oh problems, when will you go away?
Oh Problems,what do you want from me?
When will you disappear?I'm Sick Of You !

Dear Blogger, i had enough . i want to end this . 
is there anyone who want to be my friends? oh yeah . NON .
I'm a lonely person, who act happy,but inside .. NEVER .
Who will ever make me happy? NON .
Does Anyone Understands Me ? NON .
Will There A HUMAN Who Believe Me ? NON . 
Is there anyone who KNOW me ? NON .
Do i ever need a friend ? I Don't Know

I'm hoping that this year i will do my best in PMR ,
and i want to stay away from THIS PLACE . 
and start a new life.
Is There A Restart Button ? Hell No !

so let me start a new life , and have a better life
and succeed my own life . Let's start now or never .
Goodbye the unknown me , 
shall i say HI to the new me .
i know the road ahead will not be easy for me but
i must move on to achieve what i want to be.

. Goodbye .
- Kawaii Neko -

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Old Days ..


in tune : MBLAQ - It's War
mood : ._.

im kinda miss my old school.smk rantau petronas.miss my buddies ! :'(
best masa hari guru .. huhu dh la
kitorang promise nk take part dlm hari
aku pindah,wahh i hate this.seriously =.=''...
rse cam nk take part je tp aku sklh lain . xkn guru besar nk kasi?
hoho dh fikir dialog nk membodek cg :p

me : cg blh x sy nk take part dlm hari guru,kirenye cam
org jemputan . hehe
and i hope the teacher will say "oh sure "
hahaha , mcm lah boleh,kuat berangan ah tuan punye blog -.-''..
haha In Love With My Thunder ! kya
smart nye >w< '' hahaha gile an? nk sambung dgr lgu it's war .

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year !
Puhahaha ! I'm 15 years old !! Oh Dang !!
PMR !!!! you are my worst nightmare...
ahh , esok kaki aku akan melangkah pergi sekolah !!
that means ,... i'm in trouble.i don't even know where's my classroom.
aku turun kelas .kekekeke.and i think this is my last post?
because i need to study.i can't online facebook that much.
no no . i can't touch you ,keyboard,laptop.
wahahahha,i can't online late night.
so chaiyok neko chan !! 
ai ai ai !! >.< " 
i don't know my own classmate !! 
nak duduk tepi sape?!! OMO 
im dead...meat... 
saingan pmr --> my own cousin tirah.
let's do the best and i think my cousin will
beat me.duuh...of depends on my brain? k
bhai DX