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Monday, December 12, 2011

! C-C-C- Change !

6 years old - 8 years old : quiet, silent.
9 years old -  10 years old : stupid, annoying.
11 years old - 13 years old : tomboy, likes black metal ( sh*t ) , hates k-pop
14 years old : feminine? ( my friend say so ) Loves k-pop 

OMO , i wonder .. what will i be like in the future?
:| << poker face . xD 
what a different personalities ..  =-=
some of my friends says "wow u've change a lot!"
some says "i want the old u back!"
and others "girly" =.= SH*T !! i feel guilty D:
i want my old me bck too!!!
--'' this is getting annoying!
why do i have to hold my bro's child???!!
well everyone's change their i rite?
or am i wrong? :o
chop chop ,gtg

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